Life Stages and Exercise: Post-College Graduation

After college graduation the whole world is open to you, but that can also be overwhelming.  Most people have spent at least 4 years doing fairly the same routine. Now with the stressors of finding a new job, joining the full time workforce, possibly moving to a new city or region, finding a new place to live, there may not be much of a fitness routine left.  Although these are all exciting changes, changes equal stress, even the positive changes. Exercise becomes even more important during times of change as it can be a positive stress reducer.

 Included in college tuition is access to the school gyms, intramurals, or required physical education credits, making exercise part of the general college routine.  With all the changes listed above sometimes it's hard to find new routines and new places to work out.  Places to look might be local gyms, YMCA, online for outdoor recreational opportunities or group runs, is a great place to start to see what active people in your community are doing.  Our local YMCA has many individual and team recreational opportunities.  If you are new to the area they can connect you with a team to join. This might be especially important if you had been on a college competitive team and now not only are you losing the exercise activity but also the camaraderie.

 Leaving college often means losing a built in component of exercise college students often don't even recognize, walking to classes.  Not only the longer walks from parking lots or dorm rooms  but the built in movement in between classes.  Starting a new job often means we want to make a good impression so we sit at our desk for hours and only get up a few times throughout the day, missing out on those regular 50 min breaks we used to get in between classes. Research says those little breaks actually increase our productivity, so take those bathroom breaks, water breaks, or just a minute to get up and stretch about once every hour.

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Kim Fortin