Life Stages and Exercise: Puberty

Exercise is proven to not just make us healthier but happier and more confident, three important reasons for all of us to stay active. 

 There are four key life stages where women stop being involved in sports: puberty, post-college, postpartum and menopause.

Over the next few posts we’re going to look at each of these life stages and how we can counteract the statistics of dropping out of sports or exercise during those times. This month we’re starting at the beginning with puberty.

Unfortunately, the research shows girls are dropping out of sports 1.5 times faster than boys by age 14 and by age 17 half have stopped playing all together.  Girls who stick with sports have more confidence and higher aspirations than their peers who have dropped out. Those who stay in sports are improving their communication skills, self-image, learning teamwork and leadership skills. When you look at all the latent functions of sports you won’t be surprised to hear 96% of C-suite female executives played sports as teenagers!  

Fierce...with Love wants to help girls stay in sports.  Sometimes breasts that come with puberty are the reason girls drop out of sports. They are self-conscious of the bouncing or the stares or the uncomfortable feeling of these new body parts. Oiselle founder, Sally Bergesen says it best: “ The biggest thing we want them to know is that breasts are normal. Changing bodies are normal. All you need is the right sports bra.  If you have one, you can do everything you’ve been doing. It’s simply a tool in your toolbox for life.”

A good reminder for all of us, no matter what life stage we are each in.

Kim Fortin