We want to help you find a bra that fits right and makes you feel good.  When you schedule a bra fitting we will take whatever time is necessary to make sure you are comfortable with the process and with your purchases.  Typically a bra fitting takes 30-60 minutes.

Our trained staff will work with you to learn what styles you have been most comfortable with in the past and what you love and dislike about your current bras.  Once our bra fitting staff understand what you are looking for, they will take a few measurements to make tailored recommendations.  To get the most out of your bra fitting the staff member will then assess the bras you are trying on to make sure it is fitting correctly, make adjustments if needed, or find a different band or cup size that might fit better.  Just as each person is built differently, each bra brand and style may fit slightly different requiring a size adjustment to make sure you are getting a perfect, comfortable fit. 

Schedule a Fitting

To ensure a one-on-one session with a bra fitting specialist we encourage you to call ahead and schedule an appointment.  You are always welcome to stop in during regular store hours and we will be happy to help you find an undergarment to meet your needs.

Call the store directly at: 315-834-7008 to schedule your bra fitting session. 


Appointment Policy:

We request 24 hour notice should you need to cancel your bra fitting appointment.  Should you miss your appointment or fail to give us 24 hour notice of cancellation we reserve the right to decline future bookings.